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Puzzle Game ‘Munch Time HD’ Is So Cute, Slated To Hit ‘Soon’

Munch Time HD is another heart meltingly cute game headed for the iPad “soon," according to the game’s developer, Gamistry. From what we gather, Munch Time is a family-friendly puzzle game split across 40 levels, all of which will task you with swinging on multi-colored flowers with the game’s protagonist, Munch the chameleons’, Gene Simmons-esque tongue.

Different flower types “react" differently to being tongued. But also, each flower color will require the chameleon to match it by finding “special" color-turning flies. This is what the puzzle part of the game hinges around, though to be frank, it looks like Munch will be heavily weighted towards kids. Don’t expect Braid here.

The “HD" part of the titling convention has convinced us that this will also see a release across iPhone and iPod Touch, too. While we investigate the pricing model check out a real-time video of the game in action: