‘Temple Run’ Hits 36 Million Downloads

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We’re fans of huge numbers, if you didn’t know. Last week, actually, we shared news of Jetpack Joyride‘s latest downloads. Since going free, the title has wrangled in around 13 million consumers. That’s a lot, right? Check this, though: Imangi’s Temple Run [Free] just hit 36 million downloads. That’s more downloads than there are people in Canada, or uh, roughly 35.9 million more blocks than my Church of Brad has in our Minecraft server.

Temple Run ended up going free late in its cycle, too, and has enjoyed the spotlight of being the App Store’s number one game thanks to the constant support that it receives. It was also pseudo-cloned, but Apple fixed that issue fairly fast as we all expected it would.

Anyway, if you’re not one of these 36 million people, you should probably give Temple Run a look. To quote our review:

Corners are something you see a lot of in Temple Run. The game eschews the more traditional one-button jumping control of most runners for a swiping method that still allows for one-handed play . You can swipe up to jump, down to slide, and left or right to turn.

This control setup is risky — it’s much easier to mess up a swipe than a tap — but it works. Though the world is randomly generated, the addition of twists, turns and crossroads makes it feel more organic, like more of an adventure.

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