‘Warm Gun’ Receives Some Needed Fixes

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Emotional Robot‘s FPS, Warm Gun, has received a notable update that aims to fix a lot of what owners have been rightfully grumbling about since the title’s release. According to the game’s latest patch notes, this update increases performance “across all devices by roughly 40%", which should help a lot of folks with frame rate woes. It also adds in more control schemes, improves the AI and UI, and resolves what Emotional Robot calls “random crashes." Yikes, that’s a lot tweaks and fixes for a release game!

There’s some content mixed into this update, too — specifically, an all new map called “Coldshot" has been added to the multiplayer rotation. In celebration of all of this, Warm Gun‘s price has been dropped to $1.99 until the end of this month. But regardless of price, you definitely want to check in with our forums before diving into this one. You know, just to be safe.

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