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‘Pizza vs. Skeletons’ Rolling Into The App Store Next Month

First, the news: IKAROS [$.99] creator Riverman Media has finally dated Pizza vs. Skeletons. The wonderfully bent, 100-level pizza rolling game is currently in submission and set to release this February 25 as a paid Universal app. Perhaps as a commentary on current iOS trends, Riverman notes on its blog that this release will be “the whole game, for one price" and all updates will be free forever.

And now for a reminder, because hey, it’s been a really, really long time since we’ve talked about Pizza vs. Skeletons. May 2011, actually, was the last time we had anything meaningful to say about the project, which at the time, the developer  was struggling to pitch. “How do you hype up something that has no clear genre, a nonsense plot, and a main character that’s a thirty foot tall conglomeration of cheese and tomato sauce?” the reveal blog post asked.

But here’s the deal: In Pizza vs. Skeletons, you control a massive, fully customizable pizza across a dizzying array of levels that’ll have you smashing pyramids, killing robots, and hey, even rescuing puppies. “On one hand it’s an ode to all the classic NES and SNES era game we all loved as kids," a new post states. “But it’s also got tons of new stuff that has never been put into a game before, with mechanics carefully crafted for iOS." Say no more, guys. I’m sold.

The thing that’s really drawing our all-seeing eye is its art style. This looks like the kind of game that Tim Burton would make if he actually had a sense of humor. Definitely spend some time with the images in this article, and get pumped with us!