Clever Interactive Comic ‘Meanwhile for iOS’ Drops to 99¢ as High-Res Update Hits

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Alright, so even though Meanwhile for iOS [99¢] isn’t normally what would come to mind when you think of iOS games, it’s something that I bet most people out there aren’t aware of. Also, if you’re the kind of person who likes Choose Your Own Adventure style books like the variety of gamebooks we’ve posted about in the past, this will be right up your alley. Maybe you’ve got kids that like comic books, Meanwhile would be equally perfect in that situation.

I first heard about its physical book form, which is worth checking out just so you can see the clever way its all laid out. You make decisions in the comic book, then follow colored lines to the next panel you should be reading. The amount of decisions included is just silly, as the book boasts 3,856 different possibilities. The plot follows a kid named Jimmy who goes from deciding if he (or, you, as the reader) wants vanilla or chocolate ice cream to deciding the fate of the world after encountering mad scientists, time machines, robots, and tons more.

The comic is targeted at kids in grades 4-6, so if you’re an adult looking for some hard-hitting plot points, you’ll likely be disappointed. If, however, you’re just into comic books and want to check out a really clever implementation of a Choose Your Own Adventure style comic, this is 99¢ you have to spend. The way they adapted the actual book to iOS devices is fantastic. I particularly enjoy how you still see irrelevant (to your particular story path) panels as you read through the comic, which really just makes you want to replay it over and over again to figure out how to get to something you saw that was particularly crazy.

It’s on sale today only, due to an update landing which adds completely re-mastered high resolution art. So, don’t wait too long or it’ll be back up to $4.99.

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