‘Tiny Invaders’ Update Packs In New Levels

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Need more Tiny Invaders [$.99 / Free] in your life? Cool, because conveniently enough, there are more now. In a new major content update, Hogrocket has dropped several new levels into the puzzler, all of which follow a fresh narrative hook. After the President is infected at the end of the game, a new threat emerges: a man who apparently has a resistance. In the pack, you’ll have to take over this dude to “truly claim overlord status." Neat!

We’ve got some other related news. Hogrocket tells us that its just released a free-to-play version of the title that packs in 15 levels from the get-go. After that, users are asked to pay for additional level content. Read our glowing review and give this a spin — this is a neat puzzle title with tons of interesting choices and characters.

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