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‘Star Marine: Infinite Ammo’ Could Be iOS’s Answer to ‘Contra’

As a kid growing up with my NES and Super Nintendo, there weren’t many things that were as bad ass as the Contra series. These action platformers featured tough main characters, tons of sweet weapons, huge boss battles, and bullets flying everywhere – basically everything a 10-year old boy could ever want. Destructopus [99¢] developer Glitchsoft‘s latest title Star Marine: Infinite Ammo takes heavy cues from that classic Contra series, as well as similarly strong action games like Rapid Reload and Metal Slug. And so far, it’s looking pretty awesome.

One of the biggest issues that pops up when talking about a game like this on iOS is controls, as the Contra games were brutally difficult back in the day even with physical controls, and they demand a degree of finesse that’s really difficult to achieve with virtual touch screen buttons. Glitchsoft hopes to avoid any control issues by using a clever dual-stick setup which will allow for a range of movement and abilities to the main character while still allowing him to fire in any direction at the same time.

Time will tell whether or not a game in the vein of Contra or Metal Slug can be accurately translated to a touch screen device, and I’m definitely eager to find out. Word on the street is that Star Marine is already approved by Apple and is slated for a launch sometime this month, and you can be sure we’ll check it out then. In the meantime, jump into some Star Marine discussion in our forums.

Update: Glitchsoft got in touch and informed me a few of these screens are a wee bit outdated, so here’s a few new screens that are a bit more fresh: