‘Junk Jack’ Update Adds Tons of Tweaks, New Content

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Want more Junk Jack [$2.99 / Lite]? You got it. Approaching the game as if it were Notch’s own, the team behind Junk Jack have consistently added to and improved upon Junk Jack since its release this November. The latest two updates for example — which will see the game through until at least New Years Day — are incredibly focused, addressing a myriad of technical and mechanical oddities users have been experiencing.

Now you can hold to break blocks, stop worrying about consuming healing items when at maximum health, fight mobs that spawn properly according to their light and dark values, spruce trees, forget about vine glitches, and climb spiderwebs.

On the flip-side, the game now has three new looks for its cold dirt, cobblestone, and its clay blocks. Several new mobs, including chicken, birds, skulls, and even rabbits, have been introduced. And you can now rock out with a Mithril Sword, use healing potions and place Christmas balls on trees.

These are just a taste of what’s been added — we’ve got a huge list from the game’s prior update included in the text below. The latest update, which addresses some saving and loading woes, has text that can be seen here.

Chances are that we’re not done covering Junk Jack in the very least, and that’s a good thing considering the tremendous value the game is — and presumably will continue to be as the team keeps piling on layers of new mechanics and tune-ups.

  • Hold to break option
  • New cold dirt block
  • New cobblestone texture
  • New clay look and sound
  • New mob: chicken
  • New mob: birds
  • New mob: boar
  • New mob: medium spider
  • New mob: huge spider
  • New mob: huge skull
  • New mob: mother slime
  • New mob: white rabbit
  • New mob: snail
  • New mob: bear
  • New drops for every mob
  • New Meat loots, everything can be cooked now
  • Healing Potions
  • Mithril Sword
  • Consumable items cannot be consumed at maximum health anymore
  • Mobs can now spawn according to depth
  • Mobs now should properly spawn according to their min/max light values allowed
  • Christmas balls that can be placed on spruce trees
  • Wrapped box with Christmas goodies around the world!
  • New rare componible treasure
  • Climbable spiderwebs
  • Christmas tree statue
  • Snow balls that can be crafted into snow blocks or used as half blocks to decorate
  • Snow blocks and snow bricks
  • Cold biome
  • Spruce trees (can be replanted like normal trees)
  • Planting and regrowing of trees/cacti
  • Restored stars for damage (blood was unnecessary and quite cruel!)
  • Back layer correctly checks the tool that is used to break blocks
  • Bone ladders and bone bridges
  • Bone torch and purple goo torch
  • Durability bars on some items that were unnecessary are not present anymore
  • Version number in the title screen
  • It’s now possible to hold craft button to keep crafting items
  • Automatic version check to warn if an update is available
  • Trapdoors
  • Tapping a reachable addon will open inventory
  • Fixed a bug that allowed items to be placed in X of inventory
  • Fixed minor glitches with climbable vines
  • Fixed crashes around the edges of the map
  • Fixed crash while destroying ladders at the top of the world
  • Fixed crash while placing items at the top/bottom of the world
  • Fixed crash while opening inventory at the top/bottom of the world
  • Inverted position of map button and craftbook button
  • Restored timer for throwing items to an higher value
  • Added reinforced door
  • Changed wood chest craft
  • Changed wood door craft
  • Apple grows also on blue leaves
  • Wood doors now have a chance to break when used

If you haven’t noticed, by the way, a new “Lite" version of the game is also now available. Knock yourself out!

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