‘Death Rally’ Multiplayer Is Go

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Death Rally [$.99] now officially has multiplayer courtesy a December 16 update. Starting now, you can participate in an online twist to the game’s standard single-player campaign, which has been dubbed “Road Wars." In this, you simply race against others and earn a comparable amount of experience points based on your position and performance.

You’d figure this kind of update would make everyone happy, right? Wrong, because this is the Internet. Road Wars is loaded to the gills with IAP guns and cars that you can buy in advance of earning them normally through play. As a result, some are picking up their nearest pitchfork or torch to storm the gates.

We’ve spent some time with Road Wars and the IAP stuff looks like just that — an option. Even though it’ll be constantly winking at you, the experience seems suitably balance for those of us who just want to rock out and earn additional items through play. Full update notes through this link, by the way.

UPDATE: We’ve been advised that some higher level items can’t be unlocked traditionally. The fact that IAP exists threw off the balance of the mode anyway, so there’s not much left to say here.

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