The Behemoth Releases ‘Alien Hominid: PDA Games’ to the App Store

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Most gamers are probably familiar with The Behemoth from their Flash game turned console game turned HD remake XBLA title Alien Hominid, and their subsequent XBLA release Castle Crashers. You might even remember that earlier this year they released a game for the App Store called Super Soviet Missile Mastar [Free], which was a strange and humorous mini game straight out of Alien Hominid that was turned into a standalone iOS game that we thought was pretty cool.

Well, The Behemoth is back in the iOS space with their latest offering called Alien Hominid: PDA Games [Free], which as the title suggests is a compilation of the PDA mini games that you could play in Alien Hominid. It’s basically a simplistic platforming game where  the goal is to collect the gems and kill the enemies in each level, which will unlock the door to the next level. It has a pretty cute grey and white color scheme which is a throwback to the PDA devices of yesteryear, and some well designed levels that will occasionally rough up your brain as you determine how best to complete them.

As Behemoth points out on their developer blog, the iOS version of PDA Games has been redrawn to be in HD, Game Center has been added with 23 achievements, and the game runs at a solid 60fps. Best of all, the game is totally free to download and comes with 15 levels for you to try out, and if you end up digging it, you can unlock an additional 500+ (!) levels for a 99¢ in-app purchase. I found the virtual controls to be decent enough, but the main character feels like he moves a bit too slowly, which has messed up my timing at certain points. But, I’m slowly getting used to it, and I’m actually finding myself quite enjoying Alien Hominid: PDA Games.

Behemoth also hints that PDA Games has had a subtle influence on their new upcoming XBLA title BattleBlock Theatre, which looks pretty interesting. But the bottom line is that Alien Hominid: PDA Games is free for you to check out, so you might as well go ahead and do so. And if we can show The Behemoth proper love on the App Store, then perhaps sometime in the future they’ll consider actually bringing their awesome full games to the iOS platform. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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