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Hey CAVE Fans, ‘Bug Princess’ Hits on the 15th! Here’s a New Trailer

Last month, CAVE announced plans to bring Bug Princess to iOS. Details were vague aside from a teaser video and a “winter 2011" release data. Well, this afternoon CAVE let the proverbial cat out of the bag and revealed that it’ll be available on the 15th as a universal app for $4.99.

My favorite part of the trailer is about half way in when they show the side by side gameplay of the different difficulty levels. I’ve never really been good enough at CAVE games to advance past the easy modes. Thinking that it’s possible for someone to rock out in “hell" mode sort of makes my head explode.

Bug Princess is just the latest of the plethora of games that are scheduled to be released on the 15th. Strap in, next week is going to be insane.