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NetherRealm-developed ‘Batman’ Game Hitting Tonight

We thought the My Xbox Live app would be the surprise of the afternoon, but Warner Bros incoming Batman Arkham City tie-in for iOS is contesting. Earlier today, the New Zealand App Store was updated with a bunch of new apps that we’ll see tonight, and Batman Arkham City Lockdown is one of those. In brief, it’s an Infinity Blade-style one-on-one fighter that has you, as the Batman, eventually beating up the Joker, Two-Face, “and more" dudes from that universe across several different gritty Gotham environments.

As you’ll notice from the screens, there’s a little more to the experience. Gadgets and gizmos and upgrades are apparently a threat, as well as “unique gameplay" elements in its boss fights. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a touch more, er, viciousness than your run-of-the-mill Batman game, too, since the guys behind Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm, are behind it and all.

Lockdown should release tonight at around 11PM EST (at $5.99), so we’ll be able to get a much better picture then. For other release news, look out for our upcoming post that spills the beans on everything notable hitting tonight.

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