Namco Bandai Throwing a Week Long Thanksgiving Sale

Namco Bandai is getting into the gorging spirit of Thanksgiving Day here in the US and encouraging gamers to gorge on new games for their iOS devices with a week long Thanksgiving sale. There’s a staggering amount of games listed on sale, so surely something to pique anyone’s interest.

Personally, I’m quite partial to Pac-Man Championship Edition, Puzzle Quest 2, and Time Crisis 2nd Strike. Oh, and Splatterhouse. Yeah I said it. Sure, it takes a brutally difficult arcade game and makes it that much more difficult with the addition of virtual controls, but I’m just a sucker for nostalgia.

I noticed that not every sale seems to be active yet in the App Store as of this writing, so it’s probably a good idea to double check the pricing before blindly mashing the purchase button. If a price hasn’t dropped yet for you, just give it a bit and check back. You’ve got all the way until Monday the 28th to take advantage of these sales.

Also, prepare yourself for the likely onslaught of other Thanksgiving Day related sales during this week and into the coming weekend.