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‘Pota-Toss’ Has Plenty Of Spuds And Promise

Artillery games remain the rage on the App Store courtesy Angry Birds silly success, but we’ve just spotted a new one that’s actively innovating in the space: Sabor Studios‘s Pota-Toss.

In brief, it’s a one-on-one fling game starring, of all things, potatoes of differing shapes, sizes, and character. Outside of its especially sharp art direction, we’ve been drawn to Pota-Toss because of its promising geo-location mechanics.

Pota-Toss‘s levels are two-sided and each half is generated based on your location and time — if you’re playing in Las Vegas at high noon, for example, your side of the level will have a few artfully designed landmarks and a searing midday sun. The other player’s side of the level will have its own look based on his or her actual location.

Score a hit, and the level is regenerated to present a bigger challenge. The plan is to launch the game with hundreds of levels and keep updating the title with more and more well after release. We’re hoping more potatoes are added, too.

The two designers on the project alerted the world to their ambition with a Kickstarter page and received the funding they’re looking for. Obviously, we’re not the only dudes out there thinking this might be The Next Awesome Thing. Take a look at its video and get drawn in like we were.