‘Spy Mouse’ Updated with Global Leaderboards, New Challenges, and More

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This past August, Firemint brought us its first release since being acquired by Electronic Arts, called Spy Mouse [99¢]. Taking their expertise in the line-drawing genre that the developer almost single-handedly popularized with their premiere iOS offering Flight Control [99¢/Lite/HD] and applying it to a stealth-heavy action/puzzle game, Spy Mouse offered an incredibly enjoyable and straight forward experience that we highlighted in our review.

The task at hand was to direct the game’s mousey protagonist Agent Squeak safely through a level, staying out of the path of roaming cats and collecting cheese and powerups along the way. It’s a formula that proved quite successful, and most importantly, fun.

Today, Firemint has released the latest update to Spy Mouse which adds in the often requested online leaderboard functionality. You’ll need to sign up with EA’s Origin service which is built into the game and then can track your level scores with fellow Spy Mouse-ers across the globe.

Also part of this update is the addition of 5 brand new Challenges to be found in Agent Squeak’s Backpack. Additionally, Firemint has lowered the required Squeak friends requirement to unlock additional elements in the Backpack to just one. If you find yourself having trouble passing certain levels, Kiska’s assistance is now available once per hour instead of just once per day, and Firemint has posted an online help video on getting past the game’s first boss, and I’d imagine they’ll have similar videos coming out in the future.

Spy Mouse was definitely a fun game to begin with, and a fresh mix on both the line-drawing and stealth genres. Plus, it’s just plain cute pretty much all around. Be sure to grab this latest update to Spy Mouse and check out the new features for yourself.

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