Sphero iOS Controlled Ball Now Available For Preorder

Early this year we got a quick look at the upcoming Sphero iOS controlled ball by Orbotix. Well, nearly a year later and the Sphero is available for preorder at the price of $129.99. In addition, demand has even been so high in the initial preorder rush that orders placed now won’t even be fulfilled until 2012.

Check out our video of the device from CES:

Initially, the Sphero will launch with six apps to be used in conjunction with the device. The Sphero app tracks leader boards and achievements, Sphero Golf allows you to play a game of golf in your home or office, and SpheroCam sounds like it’ll be the perfect photo companion for people who will be using the Sphero exclusively for harassing their pets. Sphero Draw N’ Drive, Sphero Blox, and Sphero Drive all offer different variations on moving the ball around.

It sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.