The TouchArcade Show – Bonus – Interview with Simogo

In this week’s bonus edition of The TouchArcade Show, Eli and I speak with Simogo’s Simon Flesser. You already know Simogo — it’s the studio behind one of the more artfully designed touch-exclusive games, Bumpy Road [$2.99]. At the top, we drill Flesser about how Simogo operates, what informs its work, and how it got rolling. We also, somehow, end up talking about Dallas, the A-Team, and critical user reviews of Bumpy Road.

As usual, this was a super fun recording. You’ll notice quite a bit more banter than normal for our interview-y type shows, but I think you’ll like the overall product. Speaking of that, actually, you can download this latest podcast via the links below. Additionally, you can subscribe to us on iTunes and Zune Marketplace in order to get all of our content the second they’re uploaded onto the Internet!


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We’ll be back at you with another episode this Friday. Thanks for all the kind words and the flurry of e-mails. We’re loving this and glad you are, too.