The TouchArcade Show – 15 – Curious Voicemails

This week’s TouchArcade Show is the longest we’ve ever produced. Coincidentally, it has the most Frogger discussion we’ve ever had, too. As bad as it sounds on the surface, don’t let the latter stop you from lending us your earholes this week. We get into a lot of interesting discussion. At the top — beyond the Frogger junk — we chat about the bevy of fabulous releases that came down this week. Following the break, we talk up even more new releases until finally moving onto topics such as censorship and awards shows.

This is probably our most off-beat shows, but it’s also one of our more fun ones. To give us a listen, just download the file directly or stream it via the links below. If you’d like to subscribe to our audio awesomeness, feel free to do so via the iTunes or the Zune Marketplace.


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Here are your show notes:


  • Crazy Cat Love [$.99] [Universal]