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Video of ‘Frogbert’, A New Upcoming Title from Donut Games

The folks over at Donut Games are back at it, readying yet another release for iOS. This one is called Frogbert, and looks to be an arcade-style platforming game. You’ll jump little Frogbert through levels by quickly setting his trajectory line, similarly to how you fired rockets in another Donut Games title called Action Buggy [99¢]. As you’re trying to land properly on platforms and avoid landing in hazards, you’ll collect items and fend off enemies using your long, froggy tongue. But, this is all pretty much visually explained in the following trailer anyway:

Donut Games just announced Frogbert in our forums two days ago, without any specific launch date or pricing information given. However, with the way Donut Games typically rolls, you can expect to see Frogbert available any day now, maybe even by the time you’re reading this. They don’t usually dawdle when it comes to new releases. Also, you can almost bet the price will be 99¢, and the video itself confirms it will be a Universal app. Be on the lookout for Frogbert to land in the App Store soon, and if Donut Games’ track record is anything to go buy, you’ll definitely want to pick it up.