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Gameloft’s Upcoming ‘Bullet’ Appears to be Their Take on ‘Red Dead Redemption’?

The name Bullet has been thrown around for a while now as one of Gameloft’s upcoming games by loose-lipped beta testers, and we’ve really had no idea what to expect given it’s basically impossible for them to come up with a game title (Or, codename, I suppose) than that. Today’s details come care of apparent YouTube watchdog Rafael Forse who caught Gameloft in the process of uploading two trailers, apparently forgetting to hit the ever-important “private video" checkbox in the process. This is easier than it sounds, and has caused some drama for us too in the past– Oddly enough, with a Gameloft game.

Knowing what we know about Gameloft, and how much they re-purpose their various game types, it seems reasonable to think that Bullet is either a third person adventure game sort of like BackStab [$6.99] or even a Grand Theft Auto style game like Gangstar: Miami Vindication [$6.99]. Either way, it seems clear that it’s western themed.

Personally, I’m betting on it being closer to a Grand Theft Auto-esque game similar to Red Dead Redemption since that seems to make the most sense with the horse screenshot. Although, I could just be seeing that because I really enjoyed Red Dead and would love to see something similar on the App Store.