‘Kard Combat’ Gets A Krazy Huge Update

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A huge update for Kard Combat [Free] wormed its way through Apple certification today and is now available for all owners of the premium version of the delicious card game. The tentpole addition is the four new mages: Demon, Chaos, Deception, and Arcane. Each deck adds a special a slew of special spells and new cards to use, and each is free for owners of the game. Two new modes of play, Challenge and time multiplayer, have been added as well, shoring up a suite of options that were already pretty satisfying to the player base. The former mode, by the way, is a basic riff on the Tower, while the latter should make for some much, much quicker online battles.

An update wouldn’t be an update without fixes and tweaks, right? New visuals, new sound, and new animations have been added in addition to multiplayer slot, mana counter, and several other bug fixes. Also, you’ll now be able to switch the difficulty of the game mid-campaign instead of having to start over.

If you bothered with the full game unlock for $9.99, all of this will be free as soon as you grab the update. For others, these decks and modes are available via IAP, much like several other options in the game.

We dug Kard Combat in our initial look and that review still stands. In brief, it’s a flawed game with personality and depth that make up for its weak spots. Updates like these certainly make for a stronger offering.

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