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New Screens and Details for Upcoming ‘iBlast Moki 2’

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At the beginning of last month we learned that developer Godzilab was currently in the process of making a sequel to their 2009 hit physics puzzler iBlast Moki [$2.99/HD]. iBlast Moki 2 will feature similar bomb-blasting physics gameplay as the first game but with many new level elements and Moki characters, as well as an improved level editor.

Since our first post about iBlast Moki 2, Godzilab has posted additional screens and new information about the game on their Facebook page. One nugget of information they divulge is that there will be many new Mokis, including this little yellow guy on the right who the developer notes is from the Steam World levels in the game.

Another new element, the pink paint bomb, is shown in the gameplay screen below on the left. The paint bomb will blast its insides all over the ground, creating a rubbery surface for the Moki to bounce off of. In the gameplay screen on the right, you can see a mechanical structure which will move a rudimentary vehicle carrying a couple of cute little Mokis (click images to enlarge):

One of the most exciting new prospects of iBlast Moki 2 is the revamped level editor. Godzilab has improved the editor by adding new features like curves, joints, and many other new elements for even greater flexibility in creating levels. As a testament to how robust the level editor is, they admit that every level in this new game was actually created using the same level editor that will ship with the final product.

Being such a huge fan of the original iBlast Moki, it’s getting pretty painful having to sustain myself on these little tidbits of information that Godzilab keeps trickling out. I’m dying to get my hands on the final game, which they are hoping to have out sometime this Summer, though nothing is concrete. There’s an active thread in our forums for discussing iBlast Moki 2 as we all impatiently wait for the release, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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