Online Multiplayer Shooter ‘Deadlock’ Now Available in the US App Store for Free

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We’ve been excited for Crescent Moon and Invulse Games’ Deadlock [Free] ever since we first heard about it back in May, and at long last the game has finally gone live in the US App Store. Just to recap, Deadlock is a dual-stick shooter with competitive online multiplayer over Game Center for up to 8 players. There is a fairly deep weapon and equipment system that has you earning new items as you rank up through playing online. Deadlock is completely free to download and play and doesn’t contain any ads. There is an in-app purchase system that will allow you to accelerate unlocking items in the game, but all of these same items can be earned for free just through playing as well.

Have a look at the brand new launch trailer for Deadlock to get an idea of the gameplay:

We’ve been playing beta builds of Deadlock for weeks now, and while it’s been a pretty fantastic time playing with the select group of people who had access to the game, it really isn’t possible to fully review an online-centric game like this before it’s available to the masses. We’ll be playing Deadlock over the following days as the servers fill up with players and then come back with a more in-depth look at the game after we’ve fully gotten a feel for how the online community shakes out.

But really, you don’t need to wait around to find out our opinion as Deadlock is completely free anyway. There’s no reason not to grab the game right now and actually try it out for yourself. There’s a link below for downoading the game and you can check out the thread in our forums for early impressions of the game or the Deadlock code sharing thread to link up with your fellow gamers to get some matches going online. See you on the servers!

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