‘Tower Defense’ for the iPhone and iPod touch Now 99 Cents

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Heads up: Tower Defense: Lost Earth [$.99] for iPod Touch and iPhone is 66 percent off for a “limited time.” So, until… whenever, you can grab it for 99 cents, which is a few dollars shy of its regular price of $2.99. The HD version of the game for iPad remains $4.99.

Lost Earth is a fantastic tower defense game — and it should be considering that it’s the only tower defense game that can carry the name “tower defense.” In our review, we laud its kitchen sink approach to level design and compliment its other strengths at length.

I’ve been picking at the game since its release while doing my thing on the elliptical at the gym. My big takeaway is that the campaign possesses a good mix of new concepts and smart tweaks on the few-and-far-between revisited elements. It’s almost like the StarCraft II of tower defense games in this regard — you’re constantly being given a new object to play with or new approaches to tackle. Sure, I’ve got some qualms with the enemy balance on some levels (Vulcan, I hate you), but overall it’s a solid TD experience.

Hopefully, we’ll see the HD price plummet at some point in the future — it’s definitely the superior version of the game courtesy the enhanced screen real estate.

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