Freebie Friday: ‘Army of Darkness Defense’ – Gimme Some (Free) Sugar, Baby!

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Last month, Backflip Studios unleashed Army of Darkness Defense [Free/HD] into the App Store. Based on the campy B-movie Army of Darkness, a particularly popular entry in the cult classic Evil Dead franchise, the video game incarnation is a castle defense game with some very light RPG elements. The castle defense premise plays perfectly into the movie plot itself, and Army of Darkness Defense is filled with plenty of fan service.

Now for a limited time, you can grab Army of Darkness Defense for free. There is an IAP component to the game that will allow you to advance your character building more rapidly if you choose, but it’s certainly not necessary to enjoy the full game. Gameplay is a bit on the shallow side, but everything is done so well with the art style and sound effects that it’s actually a really enjoyable experience.

You can check out our full review for more information, but really if you’re a fan of the movie in any way, or even just a fan of arcadey castle defense games, Army of Darkness Defense is an easily recommended download while free.

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