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Video for Upcoming ‘Match Panic’ from Developer of ‘Silverfish’

One man development studio Chaotic Box has released a video for his upcoming iOS release Match Panic, a followup to last year’s excellent Silverfish [$1.99/Lite]. Whereas Silverfish had a hardcore, old-school-arcade style of gameplay and a striking visual style, Match Panic appears to be on the opposite side of the spectrum with an extremely simple gameplay mechanic and an overly cutesy style.

One thing the two games seem to actually have in common though is a frantic pace and a focus on high scoring. As you can see in the video below, gameplay involves sorting an incoming lineup of sprites to their designated side of the screen. The line moves as fast as you’re able to sort, so it’s in your best interest to move quickly if you’re shooting for a high score. Sometimes you’ll need to match more than one image per side, and there’s special items and a multiplier aspect involved as well.

Match Panic has already been submitted to Apple and is due out in the next few weeks. It will come equipped with Game Center achievements and leaderboards and a dozen unlockable characters. The gameplay may look incredibly simplistic, but sometimes it’s the simple games that have the deepest hooks, and I haven’t seen this particular type of gameplay on iOS before. Plus, I’m a total sucker for cute pixel art.

You can drop by the thread in our forums for Match Panic discussion and we’ll be sure to check out this title when it hits the App Store soon.