EA Mega Memorial Day Sale – Dead Space and More On Sale All Weekend

EA wields an incredible amount of power on the App Store. Their game catalog is incredibly vast, and consists of tons of well known IP that even non-gamers are familiar with. When they pulled a similar stunt this holiday season, EA absolutely dominated the top sales list which was great for gamers who scored absolutely insane deals, but bad for other developers who had their Christmas dreams decimated by EA controlling the majority of the App Store top 100.

We’ll see what happens this time around with this similarly massive sale-

iPhone Games

iPad Games

This is definitely a great time to fill in your collection if you’re missing any of these EA titles. It’s hard to really provide any real recommendations here since so many of these games are so good. If you don’t have Dead Space yet, I’d really download that. Same with NBA Jam. Also, it’s hard to really say which is the best, but the Need For Speed games are all totally solid.