‘Tilt To Live’ Developers Announce Strategy Game ‘Outwitters’

The indie house that created Tilt To Live [$2.99 / HD] has been teasing a brand new project for some time. Until this afternoon, we only had this little nugget to go on: it was a multiplayer-focused, turn-based strategy game. Now, we’ve received our first in-game peek of the new IP, which has been dubbed “Outwitters.”

According to One Man Left, the vision of Outwitters is to strip strategy to the bone and package it as something fun and inviting. It even hopes to capture a few casual hearts out there with Outwitter’s tedium-snipping tweaks and simplicity.

In a nutshell, Outwitters is a class-based, defend-the-castle kind of joint. The twist here is that movement is turn-based, so the action isn’t simply a rush and defend free-for-all. As of now, there are six different character classes to choose from, each with its own respective duty on the field. And like Rock, Paper, Scissors, I’d imagine each has a weakness to the other. The end goal is to, of course, pummel your opponent’s base.

“The phrase ‘I don’t usually like this type of game, but…’ has already come up in testing, which is definitely what we’re aiming for,” One Man Left said on its blog. “But how do we know if we’re on the right track? We’re recruiting testers that don’t like strategy games AND testers that love them, and we’re listening,” it explained. “And then we’re thinking really hard.”

Outwitters is still in development, and as the blog cautions constantly, the things we mention in this post could change, be tweaked, or be removed. But, still, this sounds like an intriguing game from a superstar indie development house. We’ll be keeping our eyes on it, for sure.

“Our goal is to boil the strategy experience down to what’s most fun about it in our opinion, and to make a strategy game people can enjoy without having to take a class," One Man said in an e-mail. “My personal side-goal, as the artist, was to stop using dots before I forgot how to draw completely."

Outwitters is due out later this year at an unannounced price for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.