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New Trailer for ‘Casey’s Contraptions’ – A Colorful Machine Building Physics Puzzler

Noel Llopis of Snappy Touch and Miguel Friginal of Mystery Coconut Games have teamed up on an upcoming project called Casey’s Contraptions, a colorful physics-based puzzle game. 8-year old Casey must build crazy Rube Goldberg-like contraptions in order to solve the more than 70 levels in the game. Solving puzzles will unlock over 30 different items which can then be used in a level editor to create your own puzzles.

Casey’s Contraptions will also feature Game Center integration which allows you to see replays of how your friends solved the puzzles in the game, and they can see your solutions as well. Also, created levels can be shared via email so you can send out your creations for other people to take a crack at.

The developers have just released the official trailer for Casey’s Contraptions that shows off the many possibilities of the physics gameplay:

I’ve been a big fan of these types of physics creation puzzle games ever since The Incredible Machine way back in that long-forgotten era known as the 1990s, and Casey’s Contraption looks to be a solid take on the formula. The game is slated to launch on May 19th, and we’ll take another look at it then. Until that time, swing on by the upcoming thread in our forums for a discussion on Casey’s Contraptions.