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‘Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story’ Coming April 28th, ‘Zenonia’ Drops to 99¢

While the rest of the world anxiously waits for GLaDOS to reboot, Gamevil announced on our forums late last night that Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story will be released on April 28th. In fact, if you want to know basically anything about the game, the beta testing thread on our forums is full of more information than anyone would likely ever need to know about it.

We also got a good amount of time with the game back at GDC, and explained the game’s premise:

The story goes like this: The world of Zenonia was divided into the Heavenly Realm and the Earth Realm until a war between the Divine Tribe and the Devil Tribe caused the creation of the Midgard Realm. The main character of the original Zenonia, Regret, appears to his son, Chael, the hero of this story. Chael, shortly thereafter while walking in a wood with his fairy friend Runa, disappears into the mysterious Midgard Realm. Your goal, as Chael, is to help the Divine Tribe get back to the Heavenly Realm and return yourself to Earth.

Exciting stuff eh? Among other improvements Zenonia 3 will also sport Retina Display graphics and some of the best animation we’ve seen out of the series yet. In other related news the original Zenonia [99¢] dropped to a buck in anticipation. We had a great time with the game when we reviewed it back in 2009, although admittedly the original Zenonia is a little old and busted by today’s standards. The sequel, Zenonia 2 [$2.99] is also worth checking out in anticipation.