Creators of Red vs. Blue Release ‘Angry Birds’ Movie Trailer

Even though you may not be familiar with the name Rooster Teeth, I can’t imagine there are many gamers out there who haven’t at least heard of Red vs. Blue. If you you’re among the uninitiated, it’s a shockingly popular series of machinima videos that utilize in-game footage of Halo combined with voiceovers. The humor of Red vs. Blue usually involves parodies of science fiction movies, military life, and first person shooters. You don’t even really have to particularly like Halo to enjoy it.

Rooster Teeth also has a fair share of funny short clips called RT Shorts. The latest short is titled Fight or Flight – A War to End All Wars and turns Angry Birds in to a Michael Bay directed blockbuster summer action film:

“Don’t you ever call it ‘just a slingshot!'"