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EA Releases ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12’ Gameplay Trailer

I wish I could explain why I’ve recently found myself so infatuated with a golf game of all things, since my real-world golf experience is limited to doing poorly on driving ranges… But, I digress. EA just released a gameplay trailer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, and it looks sweet as heck. We were expecting this game to land next Thursday, and EA just confirmed that date on their end.

Check it out:

Keep in mind the original Tiger Woods PGA Tour [99¢] is still just a buck, and it’s hard to say if that price will remain the same or not once its successor is released. (Or if the game will even still be sold or not.) So, if you want the old version, or don’t particularly care about having the new hotness, don’t wait too long on picking it up.