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NimbleBit Reveals ‘Tiny Tower’ – The Freemium Successor to ‘Pocket Frogs’

If you’re at the point where your frog breeding factory in NimbleBit’s Pocket Frogs [Free] is running at 110% capacity and you’re looking to get your next freemium fix, I’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Ian and David Marsh, twin brothers behind Pocket Frogs has been hard at work on their next game, titled Tiny Tower. They haven’t even started beta testing their game yet, so details are still being worked out, but here’s what we’ve been told:

Tiny Tower tasks you with constructing and managing a tower populated with bitizens and businesses. Put your bitizens to work and keep your businesses stocked to earn enough revenue to expand your tower skyward. Unlock and collect one hundred plus floor blueprints that will make your tower stand out from the rest.

Check out the screenshots from an early development build of the game:

What made Pocket Frogs so awesome was that NimbleBit designed the game from the ground up to be a fun game first, and a freemium money maker second. There never really was a stopping point in Pocket Frogs where you had to pay to continue, unlike far too many freemium games where it’s entirely too easy to spot all the time sinks and “optional pay walls which rarely feel optional on any level. We’ve been told Tiny Tower is going to be the exact same way, and I can’t wait to give it a try.