Update Alert – ‘Fruit Ninja’ and ‘Max Adventure’ Get Updated with New Goodies

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Fruit Ninja Classic, $1.99 Fruit Ninja has been one of the most well-supported games in the entire App Store, and has lived a long healthy life at the top of the paid charts because of it. Today, both the iPhone and iPad versions of Fruit Ninja received yet another update which adds even more content to the game. There are now 5 new blades to unlock in the Dojo, which are described as follows by Halfbrick themselves:

SHADOW BLADE – This super sweet blade was forged in darkness, void of all good.
PIXEL BLADE – Show how cool you really are with a blade that harks back to the days of 8-bit gaming.
BAMBOO SHOOT BLADE – Made in the forest that Sensei himself grew up in, this is one awesome blade that is bound to impress!
PARTY TIME BLADE – Every swipe will feel like you’re partying like it’s 1999.
PIANO BLADE – Make some sweet, sweet music as you destroy fruit with this groovy slicer.

In addition to the new blades, there are now weekly online leaderboards for the Classic and Zen modes following the great success of the Arcade mode weekly leaderboard. Last but not least, Fruit Ninja is now fast-app switching enabled so you can bounce in and out of the game with ease. If you have either full version of Fruit Ninja, grab the latest update and give the new content a spin.

Max Adventure, Free Last December, the husband and wife team that makes up Imangi Studios released their most ambitious title to date, Max Adventure. This dual-stick shooter managed to stand out from the many cookie-cutter releases in the genre with ultra cute characters and graphics, great controls, excellent music, and solid shooting action.

We liked Max Adventure quite a bit in our review, and less than a month after release the game was updated with some new content that made it even better. An option for video-out was added which let you play Max Adventure on a big screen using technical wizardry explained in our post on the matter. In addition a brand new farm-themed survival map was added, giving the game a total of 2 survival maps.

Today’s update is mostly a bug fix and performance improvement release, but it does add yet another survival map – The Arena – for a total of 3 now. Also, one of the welcome fixes in this update is a confirmation dialogue if you wish to exit a level so that you don’t lose your current progress, which is a problem that had been plaguing a few players in our forums. Releasing in tandem with this latest update is a free lite version of Max Adventure, so if you haven’t yet picked up the game now is a great chance to take it for a test drive, and to celebrate the lite the full version is on sale for just 99¢. If you already have the game, make sure and get the update to check out the new Arena survival map.

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