Gameloft Valentine’s Day Sale – 13 iPhone Games for 99¢ (Plus A Couple of iPad Games, Too)

Not to be outdone by EA’s I ♥ 99¢ Sale, Gameloft wants you to know that they love you too. And what better way is there for them to express this affection towards you than monetarily? From now until February 14th (hint: that’s Valentine’s Day), Gameloft is offering up 13 select titles for the low price of just 99¢. Take a gander at the discounted titles available:

Wait, what’s that you say? How silly of Gameloft to put only 13 titles on sale when it would have been oh so perfect to do 14 in honor of February 14th? Well they’re way ahead of you, as there actually will be a 14th title available for 99¢. The trick here is that you’ll need to go to the Gameloft Facebook page and vote for what title you’d like to see dropped to 99¢. Oh, and iPad owners, don’t feel too left out as this promotion also includes the iPad versions of Shadow Guardian HD [Link] and Star Battalion HD [Link] as well.