The TouchArcade Guide to Surviving Super Bowl Sunday

So, you got roped into hosting  Super Bowl XLV party today and you’re having one of those Edvard Munch “The Scream” moments as you realize the big game is only a few hours away. Serves you right for having that wicked huge studio, that 1080p high-definition TV, and the kind of personality that allows this sort of thing to happen to you. But, hey, I’ll help you help yourself by pointing out a few apps that’ll smooth out some of the party planning wrinkles, educate you on the Packers or Steelers, or just give you a sense of what the hell Super Bowl XLV is all about.

The NFL doesn’t like to put its programming on the App Store until the season is over, so there’s no solid way to play catch-up on the regular NFL season without watching several ESPN or NFL Network pre-Bowl broadcasts. However, you can watch the 2010 NFL Playoffs up until the Super Bowl via the 2010 NFL Playoffs [$19.99] app.

There were some cool games this year. Definitely spare a few moments to see Aaron Rodgers go nuts on the Falcons — dude was almost perfect on the afternoon. Also, check out the Steelers and Ravens battle. It was a ridiculously physical match that I’m sure a handful of players from the Steelers are still reeling from this afternoon. Consider these… crash course games. You’ll know whats up for the big game.

But, oh-uh! You don’t know stat lines, roster details, and can’t tell me what Hines Ward or A.J. Hawk look like. There are a couple of cool apps that provide this level of detail. The Official Green Bay Packers [Free] is a winner, as it provides pictures, stats, and roster details like, for example, IR or other injury reports. The Steelers Gameday Plus [$1.99] does about the same, but it lacks the polish and the personal touch.

For an overview of the whole season, check out Game Center [$1.99]. And to see what NFL players are saying about the big game today, NFL Pro Tweets [Free] won’t steer you wrong.

If you want a better sense of where the Super Bowl is, check Super Bowl XLV [Free]. It’s a game guide that provides a 3D map of the bowl where game is being played. In my experience, nothing says, “I know football” quite like being able to tell people where all the toilets are in the new Texas-based arena. Oh, and you can also get your hands on the game program via the Super Bowl XLV Official NFL Game Program [Free].

If you’re dead set on serving up the ridiculous, calorie-inflated chow that people like to eat on the biggest Sunday of the year, Apple has a monstrous list of recipe apps, such as The Chili Chef [$1.99], Dip Diva [.99], and Cheese Plate [$2.99]. I suggest downloading the Calorie Counter [$1.99] if you’re going this route because, man, you’re going to be putting some stupid stuff in your body over the weekend. Check out Apple’s list.

Of course, you could be the smartest guy in the room if you start talking about the various ways the game played out in the simulations from Madden 11 [.99 / HD], the best football game app out there (check our review out). You could do the same with Gameloft’s NFL 2011 [.99 / HD] or Backbreaker 2: Vengeance [.99], but both feel secondary to Madden.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, everyone… And may the best team win!