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Crescent Moon Games Reveals ‘Gears’ Trailer – An Epic Ball Roller?

Crescent Moon Games, creators of the hit RPGs Aralon: Sword and Shadow [$9.99] and Ravensword: The Fallen King [$2.99 / Free] provided us a trailer today with one of their upcoming games, which oddly enough, isn’t an RPG at all. Gears is a steampunk themed ball roller that also happens to have an oddly intriguing premise behind it.

Check out the trailer:

Per the trailer, Crescent Moon plans to “redefine the ball-rolling genre"– A lofty goal. Either way, ball rolling games have worked great on the iPhone, especially when crossed with an adventure theme. Dark Nebula – Episode One [99¢] and Dark Nebula – Episode Two [$1.99] are great examples of this.

We’ll have to wait until the vague release date of “Spring 2011" to see how Gears stacks up, but we haven’t been disappointed by a game from Crescent Moon yet.