Trilobyte Releases Official ‘The 7th Guest’ iOS Guide App

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Trilobyte’s The 7th Guest [iPhone / iPad] is a game with a ton of history that is near and dear to our hearts here at TouchArcade. With that being said, it is an incredibly difficult game. When it was first released, in an era without instant access to sites like GameFAQs I remember being stumped on puzzles for days, or even weeks. Trilobyte decided to make things a little easier for gamers who find themselves stuck while playing 7th Guest by releasing The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets [99¢] a companion app which offers hints, solutions, and a full walkthrough of the puzzles in the game.

Now, I’m not entirely sure why you’d flip out a buck for this considering there are numerous free walkthroughs online. I suppose maybe if you mainly use your iPod touch and/or iPad offline, or you were roaming internationally with your iPhone and didn’t want to pay international data rates… But regardless the release of this companion app has given me a good reason to say check out our 7th Guest review, and consider giving the game a shot if you want to see what the CD-ROM glory days were all about. It has even been updated since then to fix some issues mentioned in the review.

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