The Great Electronic Arts Worldwide 99¢ Sale of 2010

It seems like whenever a holiday rolls around in the US, all of the major developers put their catalog of iOS games on sale in an effort to ride a wave of publicity into the top app charts. Electronic Arts is no stranger to this practice, and in observance of a very special holiday this Winter they have dropped a huge number of their games down to 99¢. Yes, that’s right, EA is having a sale to celebrate forum moderator ImNoSuperMan’s birthday. Just kidding. It’s a Christmas sale. Or rather, a “Holiday" sale.

Whatever the politically correct reason for this event is, the bottom line is that you can get a ton of EA games for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for just a dollar each right now. (Note that some of these titles actually launched at 99¢, or have been that price for a while, but have been added to the list anyway):

iPhone/iPod touch Games:

iPad Games:

Whew, that’s some list. If you still have a few dollars left over after the absolutely ridiculous amount of new releases this week, there are definitely some gems to pick up out of this selection of games for 99¢, especially for iPad gamers where some of these games have been drastically reduced. You could practically buy every iPad game listed here for the regular price of Madden 11. That’s just insane. Also, don’t forget that you can peruse our brand new price drops forum for all of the latest deals, and can also pick up the universal Appshopper app [Link] which was recently updated with push notifications letting you know when price drops and updates hit while you’re on the go.

Note: These links are for the US App Store only, but the EA sale is worldwide. If you happen to be outside the US market, then these links will not work for you but you can find these games by searching in your country’s App Store.