‘Angry Birds’ Christmas Update Hits, Rebrands ‘Angry Birds Halloween’ to ‘Angry Birds Seasons’

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Word that Rovio Mobile was stuffing its yuletide Angry Birds update into its Halloween version of the game [$.99, HD] struck us as odd. Sure, Halloween is a “seasonal" offering, but these two holidays are complete opposites.

This thought must have occurred to Rovio as well because the update, which does indeed add several new snow-laden levels to the game, adds more than just Christmas cheer: It also rebrands the Halloween to “Angry Birds: Seasons," killing the current confusion and thereby nipping all future hullabaloo in the bud.

The Christmas-themed episodes are packed within the App under the heading “Season’s Greetings," while the Halloween stuff has been moved to another episode called “Trick Or Treat." Angry Birds Halloween is still $.99 for the iPhone and iPod, while the HD version for the iPad remains at $1.99.

Having spent a few minutes with “Season’s Greetings," we can say that we fully endorse Rovio’s attempt to get us in the seasonal mood. One note: in an attempt to manufacture a dramatic build to Christmas day, only one level Christmas level is unlocked per day. There’s 25 total, but these are all free after initial purchase of the app, so there’s no use complaining.

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