Elite’s ZX Spectrum Collections Vols. 1 & 2 Come to the iPad

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Early last month we took a look at Elite’s ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (Vol. 1) for the iPhone, a collection of 8-bit, British classics wrapped in a capable emulator, designed to deliver nostalgic gaming reverie to the iPhone- or iPod touch-wielding player. Late last week Elite released ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD [App Shop] for the iPad, featuring not only Vol. 1 but Vol. 2 of their game collection, making it the ultimate iOS ZX Spectrum experience.

The Elite Collection HD features all of the games from Vol. 1:

As well as the new, Vol. 2 titles:

As with the earlier iPhone release, the iPad Elite Collection plays the games very smoothly with decent controls — about as good as can be managed in a multi-touchscreen adaptation of a system of this sort. I’ve particularly appreciated these collections as I’ve long had an interest in experiencing the UK games of the 8-bit era but, being unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the Spectrum systems, I’ve had trouble with traditional emulators. Having everything neatly packaged up here has been a big win for me.

Though U.S. gamers never really had the chance to play many of these classics on their 8-bits back in the day, classics they are, and ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD is a great way to get to know these titles.

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