‘Predators’ Updated With Retina Support, New Content & Game Center Achievements

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We’ve seen many of our favorite games updated in the last few weeks now that Apple’s Game Center has gone live. Predators by Chillingo is next in line, and one of the more premium apps to receive a little extra achievement love to extend its lifespan. Thankfully, Chillingo and developer Angry Mob Games have taken this opportunity to renew interest in Predators with additional levels, weapons and other content, too.

Since the last we looked at Predators, where we were impressed by just how faithfully it captures that authentic Predator feel, it has been updated (in version 1.2) with Retina Display support for you lucky 4th gen owners. Of special note in the new 1.3 update are two new survival modes which thoughtfully address criticism in our review that the initial offering of just one survival level got a little too repetitive.

The developers have also added additional weapons, such as the useful long-range melee Razor Whip, and a host of new combos to go with it. Of course, Predators wouldn’t be much without enemies to use said weapons on, and so 3 additional (and challenging!) enemy Predators have been added as bosses to make use of these new abilities; the final Super Black Predator said to be quite ferocious and a real test of your accumulated skills.

We’re still playing through Predators again to unlock the new content ourselves, but we’re pleased to see that there are now 31 achievements to work towards in Game Center, and all the high score tables have been ported over to Apple’s new platform too. We’re glad that Chillingo have stepped up and responded favorably to our feedback, and we’re confident that all the new additions (and the temporary price drop) will entice fans back to the game for another play through and attract newcomers too, particularly if you’re a 4th gen device owner and missed the Retina update.


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