‘Words With Pirates’ – Misses The International Talk Like a Pirate Day Boat

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Ahhh, International Pirate Day. A parodic holiday created by two guys back in 1995 that thanks to media coverage and the Internet as a whole has turned in to an international sensation. Assuming you observe the holiday, on the 19th of September you simply spend the day talking like a pirate. Some people take this even farther and dress like a pirate, go to pirate themed parties, or even pirate themed pub crawls with entire gangs of pirates marauding about town. iPhone developer Newtoy, creators of We Rule [Free] as well as both Chess With Friends [$2.99 / Free] and Words With Friends [$2.99 / Free] just released Words With Pirates [Free], a pirate-themed scrabble game.

Unfortunately it would seem that Words With Pirates got caught up in the Apple approval process, or met some other speed bump along the way preventing it from being available for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th. Even though it’s a little late, the game is just as ridiculous. Basically, it’s Words With Friends with all the push notification powered asynchronous multiplayer that made the original great with a tile set and dictionary conducive for playing pirate words. Y’s, A’s, R’s, G’s, H’s, and exclamation marks are plentiful for playing words like “Arrrrgh!" or “Harg!"

Words With Pirates is free, and only available for a limited time per the iTunes description. If you’ve had a good time with Words With Friends in the past, and love pirates, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t grab this. If this is the first you’ve heard of the With Friends games, I highly recommend checking out the ad-based free versions of both Words and Chess.

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