Creepy Zombie Shooter ‘Aftermath’ Goes Free Today

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The atmospheric zombie shooter Aftermath went free for today only. We reviewed the game back in March and really loved the creepy mood the game offers.

The mood of the game really is perfect. The lighting effects, 3d engine and sound come together to give Aftermath a great feel. Your character is controlled by two thumb pads, but not in the traditional dual-stick format. Left is movement while the right one lets you turn left/right. Meanwhile, firing at zombies is automatic when you point at them with your flashlight. While this may sound awkward, it works quite well and makes the game feel a bit more realistic and frantic as you must be facing your opponents to fire at them.

There’s a lot to like about this one, and we highly recommend picking it up for free today.

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    Alone in a dark, infested city - use your flashlight, guns and grenades to survive the night and destroy the rotting hor…
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