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‘Blue Defense: Second Wave!’ Trailer Unveiled and Release Date Announced

John Kooistra originally released Blue Defense! [$1.99] back in late 2008 and the game was both well received by our forum members as well as in our actual review. Since then, Kooistra formed Cat In a Box Games which went on to develop both Red Conquest! [$3.99] and Fastar! [$1.99], two games we also enjoyed quite a bit. Their next project was revealed this afternoon, a sequel to Blue Defense!, entitled Blue Defense: Second Wave!.

The Second Wave will be hitting the App Store on September 30th and is absolutely packed with content including 74 different mode-based leaderboards, Retina Display graphics, new enemies, and new controls. This is a sequel I can’t wait to play, and we’ll post a review as soon as we get our hands on the game.