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Upcoming Game Trailers Worth a Look: ‘Danger Derby’, ‘People Bucket’, ‘Silverfish’, and ‘Moral Decay’

As usual, there is always tons to be excited for as an iOS gamer, with new games released on a daily basis and upcoming games to look forward to. Here are four games I’m looking forward to trying out, each with their own gameplay trailer.

Danger Derby – There have been quite a few top-down racers released both for the iPhone and iPad, but Danger Derby spices things up by adding a host of obstacles to deal with. Multiple game modes, cars, and upgrades sweeten the deal even further.

People Bucket – Games like No, Human have proven that you can take a simple physics gameplay mechanic and turn it in to an incredibly elegant game. I’m not sure if that’s going to be the case with People Bucket or not, but the trailer has definitely piqued my interest.

SilverfishChaotic Box posted about this game in our forums, and while they’re not revealing much about the actual gameplay yet, I’ve had fun with their other games so it would stand to reason that Silverfish would be enjoyable as well. Either way, the graphics look pretty cool.

Moral Decay – While I’m not entirely sure that the gameplay of Moral Decay will be half as good as the sky high novelty value of its premise, the Mega Man 2 homage at the beginning of the trailer totally sold me on it.

All four of these games are coming soon, and we’ll give them each a look once they’re finally released. For more upcoming games, check out both our upcoming iPhone games and upcoming iPad games forums.