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Coming Soon: ‘Super Mega Worm’ – Defend the Earth by Doing the Worm

Deceased Pixel, developers of Tabletop Pong Classic [$1.99] and Snake HD [99¢] just revealed their next game to the world: Super Mega Worm. The game isn’t entirely an original concept, as it already exists as a Flash game called Effing Worms which itself is based off a game called Death Worm. Regardless, the Flash version is a lot of fun, and I love games with pixel art, so Super Mega Worm is right up my alley.

According to the trailer, the premise of the game is that humans have destroyed Earth doing, well, humany kind of stuff. Earth unleashes its last defenses to restore balance to the planet– A gigantic worm that eats everything. It’s unclear from the trailer whether or not Super Mega Worm features the evolutionary upgrade system that makes Effing Worms so awesome, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. Super Mega Worm is coming soon, and we plan on taking a closer look at the game as soon as it is released.