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NovaLogic’s ‘Comanche’ Helicopter Combat Sim Coming to iPhone?

No long-time aerial combat fan can be a stranger to NovaLogic’s Comanche helicopter combat series. Known for its comparatively realistic terrain rendering thanks to its use of voxel technology, the series culminated in the 2001 release of Comanche 4 for Windows PCs. A recent banner spotted on NovaLogic’s website seems to indicate that iOS gamers may soon get the opportunity to deal out some death and destruction from the cockpit of a RAH-66 gunship.

Mixed in among a number of promotional graphics on NovaLogic’s site, the banner in question depicts an iPhone 4 with the silhouette of a Comanche helicopter rendered on its screen, along with a blueprint side-shot sketch of the craft shown below phrase “Coming Soon." Since we became aware of the banner a few days back [ thanks Kamil ], we’ve sought confirmation and any details on this upcoming title through several NovaLogic channels, sadly with no success.

The Comanche series made its debut in 1992 and is centered around the Boeing / Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche helicopter gunship which was in development / prototyping at the time of the games’ releases. And, while the Comanche program was cancelled by the U.S. Army in 2004 before fielding, NovaLogic’s Comanche series stands as a rather unique and satisfying combat simulation experience — and one that’s definitely more sim than simple arcade, first-person blaster.

See a game trailer for Comanche 4 for Windows, featuring in-engine play samples.

Having enjoyed Comanche 3 and 4 on the PC in days past, the prospect of a new iteration of the title on today’s iOS devices — which are far more powerful than the PCs of the games’ day — with full accelerometer / gyroscope controls has me pretty excited. You can be sure we’ll pass on any details we’re able to dig up on this upcoming title as soon as we get them.