‘The Incident’ Review – Beware: Falling Junk

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Big Bucket Software’s The Incident [$1.99] which we featured in yesterday’s upcoming games roundup was approved mere moments ago and is now available for download on the App Store. The Incident takes the basic vertical jumping game premise that has become wildly popular on the iPhone and adds a new twist to it, and that twist amounts to massive piles of junk falling from the sky. The variety of objects that fall from the sky is astounding, ranging from boulders to crates to electric guitars and even Smart cars.

The game is controlled by tilting your device right or left to move, and tapping on the screen to jump. You’re able to move objects around by walking in to them, and sometimes you can flip falling junk around with a well timed jump underneath whatever you’re trying to move. Seven levels are included in the game, starting with the street and ending in space. Each level consists of its own height goal, and you just need to stay on top of the falling pile of junk to climb upwards. This sounds simple enough, and the first few levels are fairly easy, but it doesn’t take long until things are falling so fast that you will have your fingers crossed that a health powerup spawns or a checkpoint is near.

The Incident is host to some excellent chiptune music, power ups, power downs, fantastic pixel art retro graphics, some odd achievements, and it’s even universal. I tend to be preferring the game on my iPhone, but that’s more just because holding and tilting the iPad for extended periods of time can be tiresome. I’d love to see some kind of onscreen control option, at least for the iPad, but as is the game is still fun to play on either device.

According to The Incident’s web site, the developers are already hard at work on updates to add even more levels and gameplay. Hopefully somewhere along the way they add in some kind of online scoring and achievement tracking, because only having local scores is a huge bummer for a game like this. I’d love to see how I rank globally on things like how long it takes me to climb, how many coins I’ve collected, how many times I’ve been crushed by a couch, and a ton of other things.

Even without online scoring, The Incident has quite a few things I like to see in iPhone games. It saves at each checkpoint, so you can either play for a few minutes at a time or even longer, the controls work well, the graphics look cool, it’s universal from the get go, and I really dig the whole concept behind the game. Forum members in The Incident’s thread are enjoying it a lot, and I really can’t wait to see what Big Bucket Software has planned via updates.

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