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Three Upcoming Games: ‘Monster Dash’, ‘The Incident’, and ‘Skull Smasher’

Three upcoming games are picking up steam in our upcoming iPhone games forum that are likely all worth keeping an eye out for, especially if you like dashing from monsters, avoiding falling junk, and/or matching skulls.

Monster Dash – The latest game from Halfbrick Studios, the guys behind Blast Off [99¢], Fruit Ninja [99¢], and most recently Fruit Ninja HD [$4.99] for the iPad. According to beta tester da shiz wiz 19 on our forums, “It’s like the guy from Canabalt goes homicidal…against monsters," and that is a mash up I can get behind. Monster Dash is scheduled for release on August 19th.

Check out this absolutely fantastic trailer for the game:

The Incident – Coming potentially very soon from Big Bucket Software is The Incident, a pixel-art powered climbing and avoidance game. In the game, you basically just try to stay on top of a massive pile of junk falling from the sky. The Incident has already been submitted, and should be approved any day now.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer to see this odd gameplay mechanic in motion:

Skull Smasher for the iPad – Even though I’m still anxiously awaiting Galactic Keep: Dice Battles, I’m glad to see Gilded Skull Games working on another title for the iPhone. Skull Smasher seems to have the same fantastic art style of both the upcoming Galactic Keep and the already released Imp or Oaf? [99¢], only this time applied to a match three.

Gameplay is explained by the developer in the thread and involves tapping groups of similar skulls to smash them with boss skulls that take damage for being near other matches. Apparently Skull Smasher will have a sizable amount of depth to it with power-ups, player health, leveling, and even a story line. Gilded Skull plans on releasing a series of these bite sized games, which I’m totally looking forward to.